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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Call Us for Your Cylinder Repairs or Replacements

Based in Huntington, IN, Miller Machine & Cylinder Repair Inc. understands that downtime is expensive, and we will put forth our very best effort to get you up-and-running again as soon as possible.

How Our Services Work

Once your cylinder is received in our shop, the standard rebuild or repair will consist of disassembly, cleaning of all components, polishing the rod or ram, and resealing and testing. If other problems are found, you will be notified with solutions and cost before proceeding.

Our machine shop enables us to repair or remanufacture most components of cylinders, such as new chrome rods or rams, new tubes or cans, pins, pistons, glands and head nuts, just to name a few.

We also make hydraulic hoses from ¼” to 1”, according to your specifications.

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